GRAVICOLOR gravimetric mixing and dosing units

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September 9, 2016
GХ series
January 17, 2014

GRAVICOLOR gravimetric mixing and dosing units

Motan-Colortronic’s GRAVICOLOR units mix and blend up to six materials with accuracy and repeatability. These modular gravimetric blenders are designed for injection, blow moulding and extrusion and provide throughputs from just a few kilos up to 2200 kg/h.

With the GRAVICOLOR blenders, use of all materials is constantly optimized for efficient and economic performance combined with consistently high product quality. The metered and weighed amounts are constantly checked against the pre-selected set values by the control. This guarantees exceptionally high accuracy of less than ±0.1%.

Cost savings through:

  • Lowest possible additive consumption by continuous optimization of component proportions;
  • Small space requirement;
  • Fast and easy cleaning and material change;
  • Integrated conveying control.

Production reliability through:

  • Documented production process;
  • Simple operation – no programming necessary;
  • Integrated network connection (Ethernet);
  • High productivity and high quality output;
  • Continuous self-optimization by set/actual comparison;
  • Mixing accuracy of the additives ±0.1%.

You can visit Motan-Colortronic`s web site for more detailed information about GRAVICOLOR: