МETRO stand-alone material loaders

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January 17, 2014
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January 17, 2014

МETRO stand-alone material loaders

The METRO stand-alone loader range from Motan-Colortronic enables processors to automate a key area of the production process cost effectively, bringing significant benefits of improved efficiency and process management.

Improved production efficiency through proven Motan-Colortronic quality for trouble free, reliable operation:

  • Processing machine will not run empty – automatic alarm prompts for material supply;
  • Increases cleanliness of workplace and safety;
  • Automatic proportioning of regrind;
  • Easy access for cleaning;
  • Ready to use; material line set included.

Cost savings through:

  • Space savings – no floor space needed beside the machine for raw material pallets and fork lift access;
  • Material savings at least 1-2% – no spillage;
  • Manpower savings – no manual delivery and loading;
  • Automated material conveying – no contamination risk and consequent waste or spoiled production;
  • Stainless steel construction – long service life;
  • Low maintenance.

You can visit Motan-Colortronic`s web site for more detailed information about these systems: www.motan-colortronic.com