ONI Cooling systems

MX series
January 17, 2014
PХ series
January 17, 2014

ONI Cooling systems

Energy saving state-of-the-art technology at an attractive price is an essential feature of the systems we design and construct. Thus, we create the basis for keeping the costs for power, gas, fuel oil or water and thus for your production within limits and for strenghtening your competitiveness. We develop and construct the entire system technology for in-house or container plants in Germany. This is the reason why our systems meet the most stringent requirements for quality and effi ciency, from the small chiller to the complex power plant engineering.

Hi-tech in cooling and chilling systems

Energy optimization is of top priority to us. To this effect, the atmosphere in the transitional and winter months replaces the high-cost chiller power as a cost-free cooling power supplier. On the one hand, this saves up to 80% of the power costs for chiller operation.

Compact chillers

The ONI Kompakt 100 chiller series covers cooling power from 1,5 kW to 150 kW in an ideal way. With air-cooled or water-cooled devices, with or without pump tank unit of single-circuit or double-circuit design, we can meet every customer requirement.

Temperature control units

The unit costs of injection moulding articles are mainly determined by temperature control. Traditional flow Cooling Systems extend cycle times unnecessarily and do not allow the product quality to be monitored. In practical work reductions in cycle times of 16% are achieved on an average. In some cases up to 40% are achieved.

Modular energy centers

From the supply of cooling and cold water to heating power and compressed air including pumps, tanks and controllers, the entire technology is integrated into modular units in a compact and space-saving manner. Hi-tech and quality products are combined in our modular energy centers.

You can visit ONI`s web site for more detailed information: www.oni.de