Professional and focused solutions

Professionally, fast and accurately to our customers - the answer of Diltech OOD service team

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Diltech OOD service team is created to help our customers and to supply them with quality maintenance across the warranty and beyond the warranty period of the operation of machinery and equipment. Wherever you are in Bulgaria, if you need our help we’ll get it to you professionally, fast and accurately.

Extensive help and support

Our service team is there to give you all-round support with every aspect of operating your machines and systems. Well-organized supply of spare parts and service hotline with our service department are the advantages that you can consider as a standard way of working for us. Furthermore, we can offer and advice by phone or email. Call us - guarantee to find you a favorable decision.

Our responsibility

A smooth start for your production

From delivery to production roll-out – we’re there to help you Our service team wills advice you about the optimal positioning of the machinery in your facility. Our experienced specialists will make all the necessary tunings of the parameters for the excellent efficiency of your machine and will give you fully functional system. We will train also your staff for professional and effective operation and tuning, so you can have every time excellent results. Our experience shows that well-trained staff can help you to get more and better production in your company.

We maintenance and beyond the warranty period machines, until the whole operating time of machines. Also we can offer you different packages for regular checks on your machine after signing a contract. And all this at very favorable terms for you and guarantee through work.

Our service on your machines is a guarantee for the smooth operation of your machines and a long period of excellent service.