LUXOR mobile compact dryers

LUXOR central material drying systems
August 28, 2015
MAPLAN C-frame vertical machine series
August 28, 2015

LUXOR mobile compact dryers

The LUXOR range of mobile desiccant dryers generate with 40-160 cub. m/h dry air, the ideal amount for the production of a wide range of precision parts on small and mid capacity processing machines. They can serve one or more processing machines and all can be equipped with several drying bins, allowing for the simultaneous drying of different materials. Each bin has individual temperature control to provide optimum operational flexibility.

Cost savings through:

  • Simultaneous drying of different materials;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Long service intervals;
  • No compressed air required;
  • Low space requirement on factory floor;
  • Easy mobility providing flexibility of use.

Production reliability through:

  • Microprocessor control and individual bin heating with temperature control;
  • Continuous drying with two high efficiency desiccant beds;
  • Dew point -40°C minimum;
  • Proven, modular design;
  • Easy to use integrated weekly timer;
  • Dryer design to IEC and VDE standards.

LUXOR CA compressed air dryers

Motan-Colortronic’s fully insulated LUXOR CA compressed air dryers are a cost effective solution for highly efficient continuous drying of all types of plastic granulate with material throughputs up to 25 kg/h. Dryers can be mounted directly on the throat of the processing machine or on an adjacent support frame.


LUXOR HD hot air dryers

Motan-Colortronic’s range of LUXOR HD hot air dryers are the most effective way of conditioning slightly hygroscopic plastic granules for processing and removing surface moisture. Fully insulated and equipped with a specially designed air diffuser, the LUXOR hot air dryers warm up the plastic granules efficiently and with low energy consumption.


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