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January 17, 2014
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August 28, 2015


Shredders have historically been designed for multi purpose use, mainly for size reduction of garbage and wood. The Rapid RAPTOR line has been exclusively developed for efficient recycling of polymer materials. The line’s unique technology is the result of Rapid’s many years of experience of granulators and older types of shredders for polymer materials. The RAPTOR is designed for all types of plastics, large 1200 lit IBC containers or heavy lumps, all are efficiently recycled.

The new patented Rapid QuadCUT™ knife design offers four true cutting edges per knife in a solid piece which makes the knives the toughest you can get.

The shredders come in two widths, 800 and 1350 mm.

You can visit Rapid`s web site for more detailed information about RAPTOR: www.rapidgranulator.com