MAPLAN edition и editionS horizontal machine series

MAPLAN C-frame vertical machine series
August 28, 2015
MAPLAN edition и editionS vertical machine series
January 17, 2014

MAPLAN edition и editionS horizontal machine series

Rubber injection molding machines for the production of O-rings and sealing elements with fully automatic production; highest accuracy and efficiency, low maintenance costs.

The concept of a machine, based on the latest technology standards, sets new standards in terms of productivity and economy. The spacious clamping unit allows the production of sealants and molded articles without “mustache”.

The series has a clamping force of 100, 200, 300, 400, 650 and 800 tons and fully automatic production of O-rings, sealing elements and molded articles made of elastomers with a dosing volume of 130 to 8600 cub. cm.

You can visit the MAPLAN website for more detailed information on the edition series: