Special solutions

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August 28, 2015
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January 17, 2014

Special solutions

In addition to the standard machine series with standard clamping and rubber injection units, MAPLAN offers special rubber injection molding machines, if required.

Such as those 2-component rubber injection molding machine series, where 2 separate FIFO injection units, mounted on the upper machine plate are used to fill the mould serial or parallel. There is also the possibility to expand the construction with one additional rubber injection unit in horizontal location.

A further version represents the MAPLAN “Twin C-Frame machine” with the new control generation PC50touch, which is used for projecting parts in automotive engineering. In this connection two C-Frame machines are connected on one frame. One machine can be moved in longitudinal direction to the other.

You can visit MAPLAN`s web site for more detailed information about special machines: www.maplan.at